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The Psychopedagogical Office of the ESIHMar is a free support service for students and professors aimed to improve students' emotional health, and addressed to educational and work orientation.

This service is conceived as a space for growth that provides tools and values ​​to both students and teachers, offering comprehensive attention to the students' development in the university context.

What are the goals of the office?

  • Establish a service open to the whole educational community, and specifically to Bachelor's and Master's programs' students of the Hospital del Mar Escola Superior d'Infermeria.
  • Address, advise, inform, and evaluate possible discomfort or alterations in students' psychological and emotional health.
  • Take care of emotional health and guide the students in difficulties through counseling, advice, and intervention in the professional, academic and psychological sphere, in collaboration with faculty members and the Direction Board, through the Advising Action Plan (AAP) and the Class Coordinators.
  • Offer resources to students and faculty to prevent and/or detect learning and accessibility difficulties.
  • Early detection of possible difficulties in the student both academically and psychologically.

What services does the office offer?

  • Personal guidance: Providing the student with a better knowledge of themself, a development of their personal maturity, and support in their life project.
  • Professional guidance: Helping all the people in a training and educational stage to find their career project.
  • Academic guidance: Helping the student to improve their academic and educational performance, with the aim of overcoming the requirements for obtaining their professional degree.

What we do?

  • Assist any possible emotional, behavioral, and cognitive difficulties of the students, with the aim of improving their personal and professional development, working for their psychological health.
  • Work with students with special educational needs.
  • Offer the learning skills and techniques needed to improve academic performance and professional preparation.
  • Training and guidance sessions for students and teachers.

How does it work?

1. Request an appointment through the email You don't need to share the reason of the request, only your availability. The office manager will respond to you with different meeting options within a maximum period of 48 hours. This is a completely free service.

2. First consultation. An initial consultation will be held to identify your difficulties and causes of your discomfort. A meeting will be provided, in person or online. At this time, a decision will be taking whether to carry out follow-up sessions or to refer to the most appropriate external service.

3. Follow-up sessions. A maximum of 8 follow-up sessions are established to work on detected difficulties and offer resources in the management and improvement of emotional well-being.

4. Closure or referral. The process will be closed, with the possibility of a new contact if necessary, or it will be referred to the most appropriate external service if further steps or interventions are necessary.


The Psychopedagogical Office

For further information, you can contact:

Carlota Alcover Van de Walle, head of the The Psychopedagogical Office