Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Tutorial action plan

The Tutorial Action Plan is the framework that governs the organisation of the tutoring of the students. Its main purpose is to encourage the integration and participation of students in the School, by providing personalised monitoring of their learning process and guidance for their professional future..


  • To welcome, inform and accompany the student at the beginning of the course.
  • To make it easier to adapt to the university environment.
  • To establish ongoing individualised communication with the student.
  • To help the student to reflect about his or her learning process: difficulties, doubts, projects for the future
  • To guide the student in the progressive achievement of skills and learning outcomes.
  • To provide support in the learning process and help the student to analyse and solve difficulties and problems he or she comes up against.
  • To encourage the use of validated information sources that match his or her interest and learning goals
  • To boost the student's ability to learn independently.
  • To evaluate the creation of the student's Learning Portfolio.
  • To guide and evaluate the creation of the Final Year Project.
  • To provide career guidance for when the student completes his or her studies

Organisation of tutorials

Individual and group sessions are carried out throughout all four academic years:

  • Welcome and informational sessions are given by the director and head of studies at the beginning of first year.
  • The teaching staff and the head of studies hold sessions for study guidance and support and career counselling throughout the course
  • Tutorials can be face-to-face or online, and they can be compulsory or at the request of the student.

The implementation of the Tutorial Action Plan is the responsibility of the head of studies.

Tutorial guide of the Tutorial Action Plan