Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Fees and forms of payment

Fee per credit: 95€

Tuition fees: 125€

UPF tuition fees: 200€/60 credits enrolled

  • Number of credits in degree: 240
  • Estimated credits per academic year: 60

Forms of payment

  • In a single instalment:
    • At the time of registration
  • In two instalments:
    • First instalment, 50% at the time of registration
    • Second instalment, due on 1 November (by direct deposit)

Economic regulations

  • ESIMar economic regulations:

REFUND OF REGISTRATION FEES: Passed by the Management Board on 10 September 2014

Refund of registration fees: Criteria applicable to requests for a refund of amounts paid for registration.

As is established in the UPF economic regulations, a total refund (except tuition fees) of the amount paid by the student is only justified in the event of university reallocation and subject to submission of documentation certifying this situation.

When a fee refund is requested due to voluntary withdrawal by the student, one of the following two situations occurs, depending on whether or not the academic year has begun:

  • Voluntary withdrawal before the beginning of the academic year: If the student withdraws before the beginning of the academic year, 64% of total fees for the academic year (minus tuition fees) will be refunded. The 36% of the total paid as a deposit to reserve the place will not be refunded under any circumstances if the withdrawal is voluntary.
  • Voluntary withdrawal after the beginning of the academic year: Once the academic year has started, no amount will be refunded.