Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Request for degree certificate

Achievement of cross-disciplinary competence in a third language in bachelor's studies in order to obtain the degree

In order to be entitled to receive an official university bachelor's degree, students are required to have achieved, on completion of their studies, cross-disciplinary competence in a third language.

Knowledge of the third language (English, French, German or Italian) must be accredited by means of a certificate of level B2.2 or higher in the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Issuing of the university degree certificate

1 - Complete the credits of the degree

In order to request the degree certificate you need to have completed all credits in the curriculum.

To check this, you can consult your academic record by accessing your virtual academic management office.

If you still need to complete credits to finish your degree, you will not be able to request the degree certificate. If you have any queries please get in touch with the office at ESIMar directly.

2 - Check your personal details

You must check that your personal details (full name, nationality, identity card or passport number, and date, place and country of birth) are entered into the application exactly as they appear on your identity card or passport. To do this, you need to access the virtual academic management office.Si observes que alguna d'aquestes dades no són coincidents, cal que contactis amb la secretaria de l'ESIMar per tal que es modifiquin abans de la tramitació.

If you find that some of these details do not coincide, you must contact the ESIMar office to change them before the degree certificate is processed.

3 - Request the university degree certificate within the set period

If you completed your studies in a previous academic year you can request your degree certificate whenever you like (giving prior notice to the office to arrange a day and time to process the certificate).

If you completed your studies in your current academic year you will be able to request it in the periods set for that purpose, which are announced in advance by the ESIMar office, together with the handbook describing the procedure to follow, the documentation to submit and the corresponding fee for issuing the degree certificate, which you must pay on the day you have the appointment to go to the ESIMar to go through the process.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Original and copy of current national or foreign identity card (DNI/NIE) or passport
  • Original and copy of Large Family Card, if applicable
  • Original of document proving payment of fee for issuing the degree certificate (the price of the fee for issuing the degree certificate is set each year in the Catalan government's Decree on Prices)

Obtaining the provisional degree certificate:

Once you have completed the procedure at the ESIMar office you will be given the provisional degree certificate. There is only one copy of this provisional certificate, so when you are required to show it make sure to submit a photocopy.

4 - Pick up the degree certificate

Some months after you request your degree certificate, you will receive an email at the address you provided in the application to inform you that you can pick up the certificate at the ESIMar office.

You must pick up the degree certificate in person, identifying yourself by means of your identity card or passport and submitting the original of the provisional certificate.

Another person may pick up your degree for you only if you authorise him or her by power of attorney.

If your permanent residence is outside Catalonia, the Academic Management Service can deliver your degree certificate to the Government Delegation or Consular Office closest to your place of residence. This delivery service entails an additional cost if it involves sending the certificate abroad.