Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Career Prospects

The Bachelor's Degree in Nursing prepares graduates to perform their professional activity in a variety of fields within the area of health care, thus offering a wide range of possibilities for employment.

The knowledge and skills acquired enable graduates to meet society's health needs by providing care for people of all ages, whether healthy or sick, in different care contexts.

  • Heath care: Nurses can practise their profession in primary care, hospital care and long-term care, occupational risk prevention services, health emergencies and medical transport.
  • Teaching: Nurses can teach at university for the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and at college and vocational training courses; in continuing education and teacher training centres; and as health educators for patients.
  • Research and innovation: Participation in research groups, doctoral theses, nursing science societies. 
  • Management: With experience and specific training, professionals can hold management positions in the various areas in which nursing work is done: primary care centres, hospitals, universities, government departments, town councils.