Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Final year project

The Final Year Project (Treball de Fi de Grau or TFG) is a subject area that consists of the individual preparation of a research project on a topic of interest for the student in the field of nursing. This project will be supervised by a faculty member with experience in the topic and/or the methodology. The TFG is seen as a cross-disciplinary subject area with the aim of each student being able to construct a coherent research project focused on expanding the body of knowledge about caring for people, the essence of nursing as a discipline.

Students will be required to integrate the skills they have learnt during the bachelor's degree courses, showing the critical and reflexive spirit that is characteristic of the teaching model at ESIMar. The purpose of this project is not to learn research methodology but to apply it as a tool for learning.

This subject area is taught in the second and third term of the fourth year of the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and it is made up of two courses that are regarded as a continuum: TFG I and II, each worth five ECTS.