University Master's Degree in School Nursing and Health (Official Master Degree)


  • Introduction to school nursing
  • The school nurse as health educator and manager
  • Affectivity in the classroom
  • Applied research in school nursing
  • Anthropological aspects of health
  • Most prevalent types of nursing care and health issues at the school age
  • Scientific English
  • External internship
  • Master's degree final project (TFM)

Today, children and adolescents have specific health needs that, in many cases, are difficult for parents and teachers to understand without the help and support of health professionals, such as school nurses.

Not only do school nurses deliver care at schools, they also play a key role in preventing school risks, cultivating healthy school environments, and promoting and educating about health.

The purpose of this university master's programme, which has been verified by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU Catalunya), is to equip nurses with educational, research and management strategies applicable to the school education community. Its aim is to facilitate that community's full development and maximize its physical, mental and social well-being.

Applicants to the master's degree programme in School Nursing and Health should ideally be professional nurses with an interest in this field.

The programme consists of 60 compulsory face-to-face ECTS credits, without optional subjects, divided into three parts:

  • Compulsory credits: 45 ECTS credits
  • External internship: 5 ECTS credits
  • Master's degree final project: 10 ECTS credits

The theoretical sessions are on Monday morning and afternoon and on Wednesday morning.

The curriculum includes five weeks of external internship in the third trimester. The students who demonstrate relevant experience in the field of School Nursing can be exempt of this training. The process of validation includes the assessment of student's curriculum and the submission of a written report.

Schedule Master’s Degree in Nursing and School Health