Master's Degree in Nursing Applied to Anaesthetics, Recovery and Pain Management (MIA-ARID)



To earn the master's degree:

  • Students must successfully complete a total of 60 ECTS credits.
  • Students must attend at least 80% of the theory classes and 100% of the workshops to earn the degree.
  • The master's degree final project (TFM) must be submitted in writing and defended orally before an assessment committee.

Students must have a basic grasp of English in order to work with papers during the research module.

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The programme is made up of 5 thematic blocks consisting of 28 theory modules, 8 practical workshops, a master's degree final research project, CCR-accredited certification in advanced life support, and a practicum in several areas: surgery unit, resuscitation, endoscopy/HMD service, pain management clinic.

Class hours: 24 weeks 29 ECTS credits
Practicum: 6 weeks 15 ECTS credits
Master's degree final project:   10 ECTS credits
Workshops: 3 days 3 ECTS credits
ALS+PILS (Advanced Life Support + Paediatric Intermediate Life Support) 4 days 3 ECTS credits
Total 60 ECTS credits

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  • Attendance of 80% of the classes.
  • Attendance of 100% of the workshops.
  • Attendance of 100% of the practicum.
  • Examen de coneixements de cada mòdul.
  • Knowledge test for each module.
  • Self-assessment of attitudes, skills and active online participation by subject.
  • Rubric-based assessment of the practicum.
  • Rubric-based assessment of the master's degree final project.