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Raquel Ayuso Margañón

Researcher and professor - Coordinator of the University Master's Degree in Nursing and School Health (MISE)



I am a Nurse, graduated in Primary Education, with a degree in Humanities and a PhD in the Education and Society Program at the University of Barcelona. My professional career has been developed mainly in the field of community nursing care at the Catalan Institute of Health, as well as teaching at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (UB) and at the Institute of Continuing Education IL3. Throughout my professional career my work has focused on merging the two areas of knowledge of Health and Education, which has also been reflected in my research experience. The research fields I have developed have been related to health care and the school environment, pedagogical competences, health and health promotion, educational methods in health and the training of health professionals. I am currently a lecturer at ESIMar, where I continue my research and teaching work in the areas of community health care, school health care and digital health, in both undergraduate and postgraduate training.

General Information

Raquel Ayuso Margañón 93 248 39 55
Research professor

Academic Background

  • Doctorate by the Faculty of Education (University of Barcelona)
  • Master's Degree in Community Nursing and Public Health (University of Barcelona)
  • Master's Degree in Education and ICT (e-Learning) (University Oberta de Catalunya)
  • Postgraduate Applied eHealth (University Oberta of Catalonia)
  • Postgraduate CADI - Self-training Course Nursing Graduates (University of Barcelona)
  • Degree in Primary Education (University of Barcelona)
  • Degree in Humanities (University Oberta of Catalonia)
  • Diploma in Nursing (University Oberta of Catalonia)

Role at ESIMar-UPF

  • Coordinator of the University Master's Degree in Nursing and School Health (MISE)
  • Professor:
    • Introduction to nursing in the school environment (MISE)
    • Nursing care and assistance practice in the school age (MISE)
  • Instructor:
    • Nursing Care in Adults I & II
    • Gerontological Nursing
    • ICT in health
    • External internships Master's Degree in Nursing and School Health (MISE)
    • Final Degree Project
    • Final Master's Project (MISE)


  • Research profile:
  • Current research focus:
    • Pedagogical competencies in nursing
    • Health and health promotion
    • Nursing and school environment
    • eHealth and community health
    • Health educational methods
    • Training of health care professionals