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With the aim of promoting evidence-based nursing, ESIMar-UPF has deployed a specific strategic axis focused on research and knowledge transfer. In order to do so, the school counts with a research group on Social Determinants and Health Education (SDHEd), which is part of the Hospital de Mar Biomedical Research Institute (IMIM), and that includes two main research lines:

  • Social determinants and inequalities impact on individuals and communities' health.
  • Innovation in Health Education.

The SDHEd group is made up of a network of researchers/se that includes senior and post-doctoral members, predocs, and collaborating teaching staff. The members of the group hold different training paths and expertise, from nursing, to public health, biology, psychology or history, among other disciplines. The team works around a common objective: to diagnose and make visible the impact of training, work and social conditions -the social determinants of health- on the health of people and communities, deriving this into a greater purpose, the step of a curative health model to a preventive one.

DE1-03/03 Research Policy