SDHEd - Presentation

SDHEd is the acronym for the research group on Social Determinants and Health Education, which is part of the Hospital del Mar Research Institute. The group was created in November 2021.

SDHEd is constituted by a network of researchers that includes senior members, postdocs, predocs and collaborators. The members of the group have different educational backgrounds such as Nursing, Public Health, Biology, Psychology, History, among other disciplines. They all work with a common goal: to diagnose and make visible the impact of training, work and social conditions - the social determinants of health - on people and communities' health.

The results of the analysis of these conditions is what allows the group to design effective prevention and health promotion interventions, many of them based on health education. Their work pursues a greater purpose: to move from a curative social health model to a preventive one.

Emerging Research Group (2021SGR-0049)
by the Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants of the Generalitat de Catalunya-AGAUR



Dra. Esther Insa Calderón
email: einsacalderon(ELIMINAR)