Living in Barcelona

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If you are planning to find accommodation upon your arrival in Barcelona, ​​especially if you arrive before the start of your study period, you will need to reserve a room in a hotel or hostel well in advance. It can be very difficult to find a hotel or hostel room in Barcelona without prior reservation, even though there is a great offer, so book early in advance to guarantee an affordable and well-located stay.

For your stay during the academic year, there are two options that we mainly recommend: student housing/dorms (public or private) or shared apartments with other students.

ESIMar has agreements with a number of student dorms, so if you are an exchange or international student of our school, you will receive discounts or benefits. If needed, your international coordinator in Barcelona will provide you with a document, so that the place you choose will apply that discount.

Partner dorms:

  Center Addres Advantage Contact
Altiro C/ Mallorca 304, 08037 Barcelona 50% off on management fees per flat/room
Micampus Residencias

Entrada por Avda. Ramón Llull

(junto al hotel Tempo BCN suites), 08930 Barcelona

7% de descuento mensual sobre la tarifa oficial que se obtendrá a través de un código de descuento aplicable en el momento de hacer la reserva
Unihabit Ciutat Vella Plaza de les Caramelles 5, 08001 Barcelona 50% off on the annual tuition

Aleu Calle de Pau Gargallo 30, 08028 Barcelona * Closing agreement

Garbí Calle de Viriat 37-39 08014 Barcelona * Closing agreement

Residencias Mestral –Residencia Cosmopolitan

C/Gran Via 701,pral. 1ª, 08013 Barcelona * Closing agreement

Or maybe you prefer to share a flat with other students. In that case, there are several options that can help you. Here are some suggestions for agencies that we work with:

  Center Addres Advantage Contact

Barna Student Place C/ Bruc 84, 08009 Barcelona 10% de descuento para estudiantes de la ESIMar

On these websites you can find rooms in shared flats with other students:


Barcelona has an excellent public transportation network, with which you can travel throughout the city and other nearby towns. You can use the subway, bus, train and tram, with one single transportation card. To get to Campus del Mar, you have many public transportation options: bus, subway, or tram. By downloading the TMB app, you can find the best route to get to campus from your lodging.

Like many other European cities, Barcelona works with a zone system, depending on the proximity to the city center. On this map you will be able to find the cities that belong to each zone. The city of Barcelona is in zone 1, so you can easily move around the entire city and nearby towns, such as Castelldefels, for the same price. If you want to go a little further, such as Sitges, you will need a ticket from a more distant area, which you can buy at any train or bus station. To move outside of Barcelona, ​​the easiest and cheapest way is usually the train. You can find information about Rodalies trains here.

In Barcelona there are different types of public transport cards that you can use. Some are unlimited, and others have a certain number of trips. Depending on your needs, we recommend choosing one or the other. You have all the information on the TMB website.