Rigor/quality, sustainability, equity, and responsibility are more than words for the Hospital del Mar Nursing School. These values permeate every corner of the School, and flow through the relationships between students, faculty, researchers, and administration staff. As a Nursing School affiliated to a university of recognized prestige such as Pompeu Fabra University, we assume our responsibility in caregiving leadership, and our role as global citizens.

The Nursing School's community counts with students, faculty, researchers, and administration staff from different origins, nationalities, cultures, and trajectories, transmitting a meaningful load of enriching experience and knowledge. These credentials are available to the whole community through the different study and learning spaces that the School's location at the Mar University Campus. Our facilities and structure offer students a first-rate interprofessional experience, encouraging collaboration between nurses, doctors, biologists, and biotechnologists. The use of spaces by interprofessional teams, such as the clinical simulation rooms, where CRN, nurses, and physicians solve together clinical cases taken from real practice, facilitates teamwork and breaks stereotyped beliefs about other professional fields. The location of the Mar University Campus, located between the Hospital del Mar and the Hospital del Mar Research Institute, offers unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and exchange of ideas between students, caregiving professionals, faculty, and the researchers.

All this makes it possible for the Hospital del Mar Nursing School to attract the best student profiles, transmit the most up-to-date knowledge based on scientific evidence, guide their training with the most effective methodologies, and accompany them in the decisions and responsibilities assumption, and introduce them to their profession as future nurses.