Master’s Degree in Nursing Applied to Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (MIA-EE)

Clinical practices are carried out in centers where there is a presence of emergency nurses, and they are the ones who supervise the stays of the practicum.

The goal is for the students to make as much inference as possible as an emergency nurse, applying all the knowledge learned, attitudes and skills.

Learning from real scenarios the necessary skills required to develop nursing care in a pre-hospital emergency situation and learning the necessary knowledge to be able to provide quality assistance to the land, air, and aquatic environment.

There are different centers and geographic locations to adapt to the needs / priorities of the student body and that can be combined with their working life.

The length of the internship is 4 weeks:

  • 2 weeks in the second trimester.
  • 2 weeks in the third trimester.

Afiliated centers

  • SEM (Sistema de Emergencias Médicas de Cataluña).
  • Fundació Hospital de Puigcerdà.