Communication and Institutional Impact

The Escola Superior d'Infermería Hospital del Mar (ESIHMar-UPF), through the team that constitutes the Committee of Communications, manages internal communication (between Administrative Staff, Teaching and Researching Staff, and students) and external communication (people and institutions outside ESIHMar-UPF, and the institution's brand scope). The goal of this commission is to transmit a corporate image in accordance with its values ​​and principles.

Thus, the Committee of Communications is in charge of the following functional units:

Comunications: Manages internal and external communication channels and services and produces products aligned with the corporate image of the institution, addressing information, dissemination and promotion.

  • Internal communication management:
    • Friendly, non-violent communication is encouraged among community members.
    • Promotes the use of Marshall Rosenberg's (1992) communication model between the members of the educational community, especially among the PDI, PAS and students, to ensure that they communicate with each other empathically and efficiently.
    • Remains in contact and aligned with the Communications Departments of the Parc de Salut Mar and the Pompeu Fabra University.
    • Evaluates internal information channels and identifies proposals for improvement.
    • Ensures the use of the right communication channels and encourages the use of corporate materials at all times within the communication process.
  • External communication management:

    • Plans, develops and manages the promotional campaigns of the ESIHMar-UPF.
    • Establishes collaborative relationships with other institutions and departments.
    • Coordinates and disseminates current university news.
    • Manages the institutional website and designs the architecture of the information presented. Manages the institutional social networks.
    • Analyzes the impact of communicative actions on the objectives obtained (eg: increase in enrollment, increase in the access grade).
    • Reports to the corresponding institutions and departments the results obtained and the impact on the target audience.
    • Coordinates the production of institutional graphic and audiovisual content.
    • Identifies institutional information and awareness needs and transforms them into communication products based on the set objectives.
    • Controls the presence of the school in the network and the adaptation to reality of all the information published in relation to the institution.
    • Proposes and establishes the guidelines and criteria for the use of external information and communication channels, tools and products in any medium.
    • Communicates and informs the rest of the community of actions or initiatives related to Communications, and requests and coordinates their collaboration for the implementation of institutional strategies.
    • Supports and disseminates the actions of the different school commissions.
  • Corporate image:

    • Designs the strategy to achieve an organic and competitive corporate visual identity according to the rest of its affiliated institutions.
    • Ensures compliance with the Corporative handbook of graphic style and the Corporative guide for social media of the Parc de Salut Mar in the product design and publications produced.
    • Incorporates the institutional values ​​in all aspects of the corporate visual identity.
    • Requests graphic materials and advice from the staff to optimize resources and guarantee products suitable for the safety and quality standards expected by the nursing community.
    • Prepares graphic proposals, models, and coordinates the production of institutional communication materials.
    • Advises on everything related to corporate visual identity.
  • Promotion of studies:

    • Plans and provides technical support in initiatives to promote the training offer for bachelor's, master's, doctorate and continuing education. It involves students and Alumni in promoting the studies offered by the center.
    • Promotes information actions to attract students.
    • Plans the dissemination and provides technical support to academic and institutional events, such as workshops or conferences.
    • Collaborates in planning and promoting the involvement of all members of the educational community in fairs and other events related to undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies.
  • Language services:

    • Monitors compliance with the language model and the general use of linguistic criteria defined by UPF and proposes improvement actions.
    • Supports the educational community so that the information transmitted is inclusive and meets the criteria of equality and diversity.
    • Reviews and corrects documents in Catalan, Spanish or English related to the institutional, administrative and/or teaching fields, as well as all the translations in the mentioned fields.


  • Coordinator
    Anna López Cortina 
    Phone: +34 93 248 39 32
    Fax: +34 93 248 39 34
  • Team
    María Gil Poisa, Ariadna Graells Sans, Esther Insa Calderón, Toni Torrent Martínez, Marcial Varela Lalanda and Álex Vicente Villalba.