GIG-OSH - Objectives

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GIG-OSH aims to identify new challenges for occupational safety and health in times of digital transformation in Europe.

  • GENERAL OBJECTIVE 1: To investigate the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) risks and regulations of platform work
  • GENERAL OBJECTIVE 2: To provide recommendations to foster a safe and healthy occupational environment for platform workers in Europe and beyond

To answer these questions, six complementary specific objectives have been established:

  1. To study the ways in which different forms of platform work (online and on-location) are associated with OSH risks and poor health. To identify the main short- and medium-term OSH risks and health outcomes reported by platform workers.
  2. To describe the main positive and negative aspects experienced by platform workers regarding OSH of their jobs. To determine whether these experiences vary across different forms of platform work, and investigate if these experiences change over time.
  3. To explore and compare platform workers' experiences of OSH across various European countries, assessing the similarities and differences in these experiences across European countries.
  4. To compare the perceptions of the OSH of employees/workers among platform work digital stakeholders (managers, labor union representatives, and labor inspectors) across diverse European countries.
  5. To identify the key characteristics of platforms that sustain a healthy work environment across various European countries, and develop insights on how other platforms learn and integrate these characteristics.
  6. To examine the regulatory contexts and challenges regarding OSH presented by different forms of platform work, identifying similarities and differences across countries.