• Simulation and virtual reality: the convergence of innovative educational technologies in comprehens. IP Luciana Mara Monti Fonseca (Brasil) Dra. Esther Insa Calderon (Barcelona). Funding Institution: Consejo Nacional de Desarrollo Científico y Tecnológico de Brasil.
    CPF: 271.366.458-67
    Funding: 39.600,00 R$ (7.306,68€)
    Lenght: March 2022-2025
  • New Challenges for Occupational Safety and Health in times of the digital transformation in Europe: The role of digital labour platforms. IP: Mireia Julià. Funding Institution: Agencia Estatal de Investigación (AEI) amb fons del Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia (PRTR). Lenght: 2022-2025.