Master's and Postgraduate Courses Simulation

The postgraduate programs offered at ESIMar-UPF address the training and integration of the skills and abilities, in which simulation plays a special role. The simulation activities, adapted to the specific program of each postgraduate course, includes zones 0, 1, 2, and 3 of the "SimZones" described by Roussin and Weinstock.

The activities are carried out both in ESIHMar-UPF's own simulation facilities, and in external locations from specific fields and collaborating entities. This allows the team to recreate situations that are as similar as possible to real care practice, going one step further towards the transfer of knowledge learned in the classroom to the clinical setting.

  • University Master's Degree in School Nursing and Health

    In the University Master's Degree in School Nursing and Health, the simulation allows carrying out sessions in which common situations in the daily care practice of the school nurse (paediatric life support, emergent situations, school nurse consultation in educational centers, hospital by day, etc.) are recreated.

  • Master's Degree in Nursing Applied to Anaesthetics, Recovery, and Pain Management

    In this Master's degree, the simulation activities allow to safely recreate different environments and situations in the field of anesthesia, such as pre-anesthetic consultation, operating room, resuscitation room, mechanical ventilation, ultrasound-guided vascular access, and advanced life support, previously to the care internship period carried out through the program.

  • Master's Degree in Nursing Applied to Pre-hospital Emergency Care

    In the program, technical and transversal skills are put into practice through simulation, integrating the classroom practice into simulated emergency situations. Those activities are carried out in simulation classrooms at the school and in real outdoor spaces, with the aim of training in the same or similar environmental conditions as those faced by professionals in this field. This training offers the student the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice before starting their clinical practices.

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    Master's and Postgraduate Courses Simulation