Bachelor of Science in Nursing

In order to apply to ESIMar's BS in Nursing, you would need to apply through the official pre-registration application, with the exception of those transferring from different higher education programs. This way would be applicable both to those university students enrolled in official Spanish titles that request a transfer, either from a different university or a different degree, and to university students coming from foreign universities who have not standardized the title in Spain, and fulfill the requirements for article 8.3 of Universitat Pompeu Fabra's undergraduate degrees' academic guidelines.

Further information:

Oficina d'Orientació per a l'Accés a la Universitat (OOAU)
Via Laietana, 2
08003 Barcelona
Tel: 93 223 03 23 i 93 223 25 91 de 9.00 a 14.00 hores
Web: accesnet

Check out our college admission’s guidelines

First Year Students

Once you have been confirmed your assignment by the Oficina de Orientación para el Acceso a la Universidad of the Generalitat de Cataluña you will need to finalize the registration in person.

Required documents for ESIMar's register office:

  • Original and copy of your ID (updated)
  • ID photo
  • Proof of University Admission document:
    • Original PAU Transcripts (after PAU 2015) or original PAU card
    • Original official certification of final grade for Ciclo formativo de Grado Superior or any Vocational training issued by your academic center and copy of the title or title's receipt
    • Transfer students: receipt of paid transfer fees from the university of origin (original) and transcripts
    • Graduated students: Original and copy of official university title or receipt
    • Over 25 or 45 years old students through the corresponding procedure: original certification or access test card
  • Original and copy of the Carnet de familia numerosa, if applicable (both the individual and the general one)
  • Original and copy of the Bank Details showing the account number and holder
  • Original and copy of Social Security card

2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students

Registration will be online through Campus Virtual on a limited period of time, previously posted in our website and on the virtual platform.

Registration guidelines

You can check our registration guidelines in the following links:

ESIMar’s Academic guidelines

ESIMar’s Finances regulations

Financial aid

For more information regarding scholarships and financial aid, visit our Financial Aid section in our website:

Financial aid 


Euros/ECTS: 95€
ESIMar's Fees: 125€
UPF's Fees: 200€/60 ECTS
Insurance: 1,12€

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