Master’s Degree in Nursing Applied to Anaesthetics, Recovery, and Pain Management




Edition 10th 
Number of vacancies 30
ECTS credits 60
Modality In person
Place Escola Superior d’Infermeria Hospital del Mar (Campus Universitario Mar)
Dates September2024 to June 2025

Classes will be held on Mondays from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. The workshops will be held within the schedule of the theoretical classes, with some exceptions due to organizational needs, always with prior notice to the students. The internships will take place from Monday to Friday at the previously agreed time.

Price €3600 + fees
Center in charge Escola Superior d'Infermeria Hospital del Mar (affiliated to Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Certification IFNA (International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists)

General Information

Anesthetics nurses today are participants in the advancement of the nursing profession, achieving competencies and advanced practice models as defined by the International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists. Therefore, the complexity of care and technological advance requires greater training on the part of professionals.

The structure of the master makes it the most appropriate tool to achieve the professional skills required by nursing professionals who want to train themselves in the field of anesthesia and its different procedures with a highly updated and scientific level.

The general objective of the Master's program in Nursing Applied to Anesthetics, Recovery, and Pain Management is to train nursing professionals in the general, specific, and transversal skills necessary to be able to work in any field of anesthesia in which the application of nursing care before, during, or after the administration of anesthesia.

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Anesthetics nurses are expanding their scope of work, currently being participants in the treatment of patients in the pre-anesthetic visit, the surgical area, the resuscitation area, PACU and Critical Areas, CMA, Pain Units, Complementary examinations (X-ray, resonance, CT, MEG, etc.), Endoscopies, Hemodynamics Service, etc.


The program uses simulation as a learning methodology in different subjects, as well as conducting integrative sessions that allows to achieve transversal and specific competencies.

Final project

The Final Master's Thesis (Trabajo de Fin de Máster - TFM) is an autonomous project of the student that aims to demonstrate their intellectual maturity and their research capacity. The final product must be a research or innovation project on a topic related to the field of anesthesia, and the result of the student's personal work under the guidance of an adviser.

Academic management of master's and postgraduate degrees

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Anna López Cortina, secretary of master’s and postgraduate degrees at ESIHMar


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