University Master's Degree in Research Applied to Integral Healthcare (MaRS)


Edition 1st 
Number of vacancies 30 
ECTS credits 60
Modality In person
Place Escola Superior d’Infermeria Hospital del Mar (Campus Universitario Mar)
Dates September 18th through June 2024
Schedule Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Price 3960 € + fees
Center in charge Escola Superior d'Infermeria Hospital del Mar (affiliated to Universitat Pompeu Fabra)


General Information

Research is a fundamental piece of the healthcare field. It allows healthcare professionals to critically evaluate health and disease processes in the sociocultural context in which they develop, find out the causes and consequences of said processes, and offer applicable solutions. In sort, research in healthcare contributes to the health of the population beyond the healthcare field.

General goal:

The University Master's Degree in Research Applied to Integral Healthcare (MaRS) aims to provide health professionals with tools so that they can develop researching skills, develope rigorous, innovative, and applicable health research projects, and transfer the generated knowledge to practice.

Highlights of the program:

  • Offers access to doctorate programs.
  • Participation in innovative research projects.
  • An interdisciplinary faculty team, experts in the field of research.
  • Innovative teaching methodology.
  • Continuous assessment.
  • Support and continuous monitoring of students' progress.
  • Professional opportunities.
  • Immersion in an excellent research ecosystem.

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Healthcare professionals who want to combine healthcare careers with research to generate knowledge based on evidence, health professionals who want to dedicate themselves to research professionally and access research technician positions in research centers and institutes, or who want to access a doctorate program.


Quarter Course Type ECTS

First (21 ECTS)

Subject 1. Introduction to research and bibliographic review Mandatory 6
Subject 2. Qualitative research I Mandatory 6
Subject 3. Quantitative research I Mandatory 6
Subject 4. Final project I TFM 3
Secong (21 ECTS) Subject 5. Leadership and ethics in research Mandatory 3
Subject 6. Qualitative research II Mandatory 6
Subject 7. Quantitative research II Mandatory 6
Subject 8. Final project II TFM 6
Third (18 ECTS) Subject 9. Knowledge mobilization and transfer Mandatory 3
Subject 10. Qualitative research III Mandatory 3
Subject 11. Quantitative research III Mandatory 3
Subject 12. Final project III TFM 9

Academic calendar 2024-2025 (coming soon)

Teaching and learning support

Academic management of master's and postgraduate degrees

For further information, you can contact:

Anna López Cortina, secretary of master’s and postgraduate degrees at ESIHMar


Phone: 93 248 39 32
Phone service available:

  • Monday through Thursday: from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Friday: from 1:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.