HIV Nursing Research and Care Group (GRENFIC-VIH)

Work lines

Given the humanistic vision and integrated approach to the human being that is shared by the members of the group, we consider each person to be a unique and changing being, immersed in a particular multifaceted reality, in which she or he must inevitably come to an understanding with a society that is plural, culturally diverse and constantly undergoing change and transformation. For this reason, we are interested in getting closer to people and their realities, and making them known to our students. We do this from a holistic perspective, placing special emphasis on social and cultural aspects.

In this project, we focus most particularly on people infected and affected by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other infectious diseases. We want to make them active players in their own life process, by showing interest in their beliefs, their values, their expectations, decisions, traditions and behaviours, their cultural norms and codes, and their experiences. We believe that this integrated approach will enable us to generate information, skills and attitudes that will be realistic and significant, in order to help us to:

  • 1) Understand the complexity of living with chronic diseases
  • 2) Provide committed, individual, creative and efficient professional answers linked to nursing skills
  • 3) Contribute towards promoting peoples health and welfare, by identifying and prioritising their specific health needs, while reaching consensus support, management and coping strategies and guaranteeing quality professional nursing care

Since July 2016 we have been carrying out a collaborative, cross-cutting experiment with a group of students from different years of the Bachelors Degree in Nursing, in which they take part voluntarily in a collaborative learning project beyond the classroom, in a context of active participation.