Advising Action Plan

The Advising Action Plan is an advising program designed for undergraduate students' support during their first year in the school. The most important goal of the program is to promote the integration and participation of students within the educational institution, carrying out personalized monitoring of their learning process and guiding them towards their professional future.


  • Welcoming, informing and accompanying students from the beginning of the program.
  • Facilitating the transition into a college environment.
  • Establishing continuous and personalized communication with the students.
  • Helping students to reflect on their learning: difficulties, doubts, future projects.
  • Guiding students in the progressive achievement of skills and learning outcomes.
  • Providing help in their learning process and helping students to analyze and solve difficulties and problems as they arise.
  • Encouraging the use of validated sources of information appropriate to their interest and learning objectives
  • Enhancing students' autonomous learning capacity.
  • Evaluating the completion of the students' Learning Portfolio.
  • Guiding and evaluating the completion of the Final Project.
  • Guidance on transitioning to the job market at the end of their degree.

Organization of advising sessions

Individual and group advising sessions are carried out throughout the four academic years. These sessions are:

  • Welcome and information session with the School Director and the Academic Head at the beginning of the first year.
  • Faculty members and the Academic Head establish group advising actions for guidance, advising, academic support and professional guidance throughout the whole training.
  • The individual advising sessions are either face-to-face or virtual, both mandatory and at the request of the student.

Advising Action Plan Management

For further information, please contact:

Ariadna Graells Sans, Action Plan Management Coordinator