Susqual - Overview

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Afrontando los Retos en Sostenibilidad y Calidad del Prácticum Clínico en el Grado de Enfermería en España (SUSQUAL)

IP: Esther Insa
Financing Agency: Agencia Estatal de Investigación (AEI)
Announcement: Ajuts a Projectes de Generació de Coneixement i a actuacions per a la formació del personal investigador
Lenght:  2023-2026
Funding: 61.250€
Reference: PID2022-136289OA-I00

SUSQUAL is the Spanish acronym for the project 'Addressing Challenges in Sustainability and Quality of Clinical Practicum in the Nursing Degree in Spain.' It arises in response to the shortage of registered nurses in Spain, which has increased vacancies for nursing students. This generates challenges such as dropout, burnout, and effects on educational quality. The solution is to redesign the current clinical practicum model to make it more sustainable and of higher quality.

SUSQUAL aims to understand the current clinical practicum model of the Nursing Degree in Spain, focusing its research on Catalonia. Additionally, it proposes a new evidence-based model, applicable throughout Spain and other disciplines facing similar challenges. Ultimately, SUSQUAL will contribute to continuous change in health and education systems.

The project has a multidisciplinary team and is organized into four work packages. It considers the experiences of students and nursing staff, conducts a thorough literature review, and gathers the opinions of experts and stakeholders in health and education systems. This comprehensive analysis aims to translate into effective solutions to improve the quality of education and the well-being of those involved.