Susqual - Team members

Esther Insa Calderón (IP)

Director of ESIHMar and of the Social Determinants and Health Education Research Group. She has extensive experience in project management, including nursing school management. Her specialization in phenomenological approaches is reflected in various projects, with her research on educational innovation for healthcare professionals standing out. She is currently a member of a European Erasmus+ project focused on enhancing transversal skills in social and healthcare studies (ITSHEC).



Astrid Escrig Piñol

Head of Research at ESIHMar. With a PhD in Public Health and certification in Qualitative Research Methodology in Health, she is responsible for directing the qualitative study and the project review. Her research experience in health systems, health and employment inequalities, and the nursing profession, will guide the analysis and development of potential changes. She is a member of the international consortium WE-THRIVE Consortium and participates in various national and international projects.



Eva Padrosa Sayeras

Researcher with extensive experience in quantitative methodology, specializing in scale validation and complex regression model analysis. She co-leads international projects (GIG-OSH, ITSHEC) and is a member of the PWR steering committee. Obtaining her PhD in 2022 (cum laude), her specialization in employment-related health inequalities can guide the identification of clinical tutors' working conditions that act as a barrier to mentoring quality.



Miriam Rodríguez Monforte

Head of clinical practicum at the Blanquerna Faculty of Health Sciences and Principal Investigator of the Student to Nurse Early Transition Project (StoNET). She is involved in multiple other projects, including SIENHA, a European project aimed at describing the competencies of health and social professionals that promote healthy aging, with experience in conducting scoping reviews and Delphi studies.



Katherine S. McGilton

Canada-based senior researcher with over 100 publications in high-impact journals. She is the Principal Investigator of the EnCOAR (Enhancing the Care of the Older Adult) project at the KITE Research Institute. She has been inducted as a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing, Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, and Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Nursing.



Guillermo Pedreira Robles

Head of clinical practicum at ESIHMar and second-year PhD student in the Nursing and Health program at the University of Barcelona, with the project 'The Advanced Practice Nurse in mapping care for kidney transplant candidates.' He has researched and published papers on the well-being of nurses in clinical settings, as well as on health system' users and the products used by nurses.


Elena Carrillo Álvarez

Public Health teacher at the Blanquerna Faculty of Health Sciences. She is a Dietitian-Nutritionist and Psychologist, holding a Master's degree in Social and Community Pedagogy, and a PhD. from Ramon Llull University. Her research focuses on social determinants of health, and she is a member of several national and international professional societies, having received numerous awards for her work.



Carlota Alcover Van de Walle

With a PhD in Psychology from Ramon Llull University (2021), her area of expertise focuses on neurodevelopment from a systemic approach, although she also conducts research in the field of educational innovation. She is currently a member of two national projects funded by the AEI (CPP2022-009996 and PID2022-136289OA-100).



Montse Sanclemente Dalmau

Nurse and PhD in comprehensive care and health services from the University of Lleida. Her research focuses on highlighting and standardizing the competencies of anaesthesia nurses worldwide. She has disseminated her research in multiple conferences and has participated in associations working to support the role of the Advanced Practice Nurse and the implementation of acute pain units.


María Gil Poisa

Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies and Film Studies from Texas A&M University, where her research focused on Spanish cinema. For years, she taught at different universities in the United States and worked in international education. At ESIHMar, she is a professor, researcher, and the person in charge of international exchanges, supporting the clinical placement team in managing incoming and outgoing placements.



Raquel Ayuso Margañón

Nurse specialized in Family and Community Health and Ph.D. in Education and Society from the University of Barcelona, having merged the areas of health and education throughout her career. Her experience includes clinical work in community nursing and university teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Currently, she researches and teaches in the areas of community nursing, school nursing, and digital health.


Ikram Allaoui

Pediatric Emergency Nurse and collaborator at ESIHMar. She has been a research member in doctoral theses and research projects conducted by groups of nurses at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (HSJD). Additionally, she is part of the nursing research committee at HSJD.



Aggie Nuñez

Research assistant of the project. She graduated in Pharmacy and holds Master's degree in Clinical Neuroscience. She has experience in multicentre research projects related to mental health and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Methodology of Health and Behavioural Sciences. Her experience and training translate into a diversified approach that contributes valuably to the project.