Why study at the ESIHMar


Mar Nursing School (ESIHMar) belongs to Mar Health Park in Barcelona and is affiliated to Pompeu Fabra University. We are located on Mar University Campus, which is part of a pioneering interuniversity collaboration project.

The Doctor Aiguader Building houses three teaching institutions in the health sciences: the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences of Pompeu Fabra University, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and Mar Nursing School.

We are endorsed by over 40 years' experience, throughout which we have incorporated the new teaching and learning strategies recommended by the international community in order to provide students with an ESIHMar degree with the necessary skills to practice as highly qualified professionals.

The School has both internal and external resources at all levels of health care, which facilitates students' learning and their entry into the job market.

The training of tomorrow's nursing professionals must be based on the safety of the patient. For this reason, ESIHMar incorporates simulation as a teaching method and a basic learning tool that creates multiple near-real scenarios where the students learn to cope, in conditions of safety, with any situation that might occur in their professional context.

The ESIHMar educational programme offers the student individual support (tutorial action plan), aimed at developing a capacity for independent learning and the cognitive, communicative and clinical skills necessary to practise professionally.

The School's and its facilities adhere to the Bologna guidelines, with small seminars, clinical skills classrooms, multipurpose spaces, wifi and a library that adopts the model of the Learning and Research Resource Centre (CRAI).

Why choose ESIHMar?

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