Bachelor of Science in Nursing

ECTS credits per year

  Basic courses Mandatory courses Electives Internships Final project
1st year     34 26      
2nd year 30 17   13  
3rd year   31 12 17  
4th year       50 10
Total 64 74 12 80 10


October-June, three quarters (trimesters).


In-person full-time (60 ECTS/academic year). Optional part-time available under request.

BS Curriculum

First year

1st Quarter ECTS 2nd Quarter ECTS 3rd Quarter ECTS
Instrumental and communicative strategies in the University 4 Psychosocial development of the individual 6 Public Health 5
Historical and philosophical evolution of care 5 Health Anthropology 6 Nursing Care Methodology 4
Integrated Nursing I 4 Integrated Nursing II 4 Integrated Nursing III 4
Structure and function of the human body I 6 Structure and function of the human body II 6 Physiopathology I 6

Second year 

1st Quarter ECTS 2nd Quarter ECTS 3rd Quarter ECTS
Physiopathology II 6 Nursing care in maternity, childhood and adolescence 5 Research Methodology 6

Demographics, Statistics and Epidemiology

6 Pharmacology 4 Legislation and Bioethics 4
Health and Nutrition 4 Adult Nursing I 6 Adult Nursing II 6
Introductory Practicum I 4 Introductory Practicum II 4 Introductory Practicum III 5

Third year 

1st Quarter ECTS 2nd Quarter ECTS 3rd Quarter ECTS
Adult Nursing III 3 Innovation and Management in Nursing Care 5 Scientific English 3
Geriatric Nursing Care 4 Health Education 4

Information and Communications Technologies for Health

End of Life Care 4 Gender, Equality, and Health 4

Elective / Mobility

Clinical Practicum I 9 Clinical Practicum II 8 Accredited Academic Activities 0-6

Fourth year 

1st Quarter ECTS 2nd Quarter ECTS 3rd Quarter ECTS
Advanced Practicum I 20 Advanced Practicum II 15 Advanced Practicum III 15
    Final Project 5 Final Project 5

Expiring teaching plans (2020-2021 / 2021-2022)

Expiring teaching plans (2019-2020 and previous)

Academic year

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